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Indoor Air Quality

Does sneezing and wheezing seem to be a part of your life? Are you constantly waking up with puffy eyes, a sore throat, a stuffed-up nose, or a dry cough? Do you often feel like it takes a couple of hours for your head to "get adjusted" and clear out after you've woken up? Do you suffer all winter long with a cold that seems to never end? Or do you watch your loved ones pass the same cold or flu bug back and forth?
If you experience any of these symptoms, you're not alone. The number of "morning sufferers" is mounting, while colds and flu continue to spread like wildfire. As technology has advanced, our homes have advanced with it. Those drafty houses of the past have been replaced by new, energy-efficient homes. And this "sealing up" of our homes has saved much money.
The downside, however, is that now we seldom breathe fresh air like we should. This is complicated by the fact that we now spend 90% of our lives inside. No matter how good a housekeeper you are, your home is filled with air pollutants including dust particles, mold spores, animal hair, dander, pollen, dust mites, cleaning chemicals, exhaust fumes, carbon monoxide, viruses, and bacteria.
Add to these culprits the scores of chemical irritants lurking your carpets, behind the walls, even in the cleanser and waxes you use to keep your house clean. Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, even furnaces give these germs, vapors and particles a free ride around your house and into the air you breathe. The result? Chronic misery, the kind you and your family may be suffering with right now.

The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier cleans air down to the last molecule. No more unpleasant household odors; you will find relief from asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, and more. Carrier Infinity Air Purifier also reduces dust to give you freedom from constant house cleaning. Visit the Carrier's web site to learn more about this amazing technology. For more information or questions, please contact us at the number below.

Link to carrier's website is

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